About us

Qadr's ethos is focused primarily islam, goodness and self-growth. Our jewellery is created to be a personal manifesto of ultimately valuing oneself, a reminder to keep for a lifetime.

Our jewellery is hand-crafted from design idea to creation of individual pieces. All our designs are made to be minimal yet classic, so the pieces can be worn everyday. We promise that our pieces are rust and tarnish resistant featuring premium quality Stainless Steel so they last a lifetime. All our designs are our own and we are proud to stand out as a bespoke brand featuring our own phrases, poetry, calligraphy, curated into artwork and design of the pieces.

Qadr is an ethical brand, our 'Qadr promise' means we donate to charitable causes around the world and do our part & help you participate in the goodness of donating.

Our packaging is based on a luxury feel, and our special jewellery packaging is a part of our brand. We believe luxury should be part for jewellery buying and our packaging and pieces reflect that, without the high price tags. We sell all our jewellery in our bespoke Qadr jewellery boxes, wrap the boxes in gifting tissue, then place your purchase in our sturdy branded postal boxes, ready to gift to yourself or a loved one.

We hope you wear our jewellery with as much love as was put into them and we never compromise on the luxury element of any of our pieces!


With love,